How to be happy in Life? 8 Ultimate Ways to Experience Happiness.

Happiness in life is the prime factor that makes our life easy and enjoyable. The feeling of happiness is very essential to build inspiration. When we achieve our plan our brain releases the feeling of happiness. Happiness is most crucial in bad times. How to be happy? The answer to this question is very simple and this post is focused upon How can anyone be happy? 

A person experiences sharp focus and productivity is increased with a happy feeling. Happiness is contagious, a smile can forget your pains and bad feelings. Being positive in any situation is to assist to develop and grow. Happiness is like a reward for yourself, when you do things your brain rewards you in the form of happiness.

Life is very boring without the feeling of happiness and joy. The feeling of happiness and joyfulness is due to the release of a hormone called dopamine. Our brain releases this hormone when you accomplish your targets. A person does not do anything if he does not experience happiness. Happiness is the end reward and gives the motivation to achieve desires and targets. 

In the previous centuries when technology and human development just began that time to achieve the feeling of happiness a person had to do something practical like getting a job, earning money, or other practical things. People have to do something in real life to achieve happiness. But as now smartphones, computers, and social media can give the same feeling of happiness with just a few clicks and taps. 

The achievements in social media, video games, and in the virtual world are replacing the practical things which give happiness. This replacement is not beneficial for the long term. The virtual feeling of happiness makes you lazy and less productive. We had to escape into the trap of this virtual feeling and focus on practical things. 

So How to be happy in life? The ultimate solution for happiness is giving attention to practical things. 

How to Be Happy in Life?

How to Be happy in life?

Go close to Nature.

Every particle you see, every element in your surroundings comes from nature. All matter is created from nature. Every single atom is the ultimate creation of stardust and nature. Nature is the ultimate reality and creator of everything. 

You are also the creation of nature. Plants and animals represent nature and its diversification. The energy surrounding a living organism is the same in every living being. All are connected and all are the ultimate creation of nature. How to be happy with natural things?

Nature is the ultimate healer for anything. Nature can boost happiness and the feeling of gratitude in any living being. 

To experience the calmness and greatness of nature go near a silent place in the park, near a river, or in the wildlife. Just sit in the shadow of the plant and experience the fresh air. After some time your mind automatically relaxes, your thoughts are slowly done and you experience the ultimate feeling of happiness and calmness. 

This exercise has many benefits like nature calming your mind, boosting your focus and concentration, and growing love in yourself. It is recommended to perform this exercise daily in the morning or the evening. The most important is do not to carry your smartphone or do not use any kind of headphones. Your complete concentration is upon the surroundings. 

Find Happiness in your Work

Happiness is a reward for your achievements. Finding happiness in the work is considered the best way to spiritual liberation. How to be happy with your work? The ultimate solution is giving out our 100% and doing our work with diligence. 

The simplest and easiest way to find happiness is doing our activity with diligence. This practice has two benefits: first is our work is done with full accuracy and the second is we experience the feeling of happiness. 

The best way to find happiness in inactivity is by giving out our 100% and keeping patience. Whether you do just do it with concentration and with diligence. 

Do your work honestly and you will feel happy. Immerse yourself in your work. This habit not only increases your productivity but also assists you to develop and accomplish your aim. 


Meditation develops concentration and increases the ability to focus on one thing. Meditation has enormous benefits on health, spiritual well being and experience of greatness. Meditation is the most practical solution for How To Be happy? The habit of performing meditation daily for 30 minutes can boost your memory, increases the ability to focus, and stops useless and repetitive thoughts. 

The maintenance of well-balanced life is possible with mediation. So How to be happy with mediation? 

Experiencing the feelings of your mind while performing meditation assists you to experience happiness. Happiness is the result of mediation. The spiritual knowledge is greatly increased with mediation and this initiates happiness

Develop your hobbies 

Developing hobbies is one of the best ways to experience happiness. A Hobby is best defined as the task or work in which a person finds happiness and joy. Spending time to develop our hobbies is very crucial to treat loneliness. A person finds happiness in doing things that provide feelings of happiness. 

Hobbies have many beneficial effects on a person. Hobbies assist to develop concentration, build the ability to stick with your work, and increase productivity. The most vital effect is, hobbies play a major role in a person’s overall happiness. 

It is very essential to spend time developing hobbies and follow your passion. These two things are most essential to achieve the feeling of happiness and joy. 

Be carefree

Life is filled with struggle, ups, and downs. A person may build a habit to worry very often. Fear is the biggest enemy of an individual. Worrying things and fear are responsible to make you seek, decrease your concentration and ability to understand. Fear also affects your health, fear can cause many health-related problems in the long term. The possible way to avoid this feeling of fear is to listen to your inner voice. 

Meditation also assists to manage fear. Always remember worrying is your biggest enemy, to develop and progress be carefree. Leave your worrying habits and live life with freedom and carefree. 

To handle and to develop a carefree personality is recommended to meditate, exercise, and develop your wise mind. How to Be happy with a careless personality? Focus upon your targets and forgot other things.

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Always see the positive side

A wise mind always sees the positive side in any situation. This world is fulfilled with bad and good things. Every situation may have a positive side and a negative side. It depends upon the perspective of a person. How do you see this world? If you develop your mind in that way you’re only able to see a negative side then your life is worthless. Your life is filled with darkness and you are not able to develop and grow. 

Be positive, always see the positive side of any situation. Positivity is like a truth, positivity is giving you a chance to develop and a possibility to do things with a better approach. Being positive assists you in many ways it develops your personality and teaches you to never give up.

Be Hopeless and Self Reliant

Expecting to get something from someone can make you sad, if you do not get that thing, then you feel sadness. Being hopeful in many situations provides the desire to do your work. Hope represents human nature. Being hopeful gives you the energy to continue in your work. Being hopeful is the biggest component in human development. 

But how to be happy with hopelessness? Why be hopeless? At what time and under what circumstances should we be hopeless. The answer is dealing with a person and in relationships, we must be hopeless. Because the majority of people never complete their promise. These things are responsible for sadness in the majority of situations. Expecting something from a person and if a person fails to complete it promises this situation bringing sadness. This condition is the biggest reason in the world for sadness. 

It is always best to be self-reliant and never expect anything from anyone. This is the most practical and ultimate way to happiness. Don’t confuse the situation with a person. Hope is the reason for doing any task, be hopeful with your result and hopeless with people, don’t expect anything from anyone. 

Develop Gratitude And be Thankful 

Gratitude is a very special feeling to experience happiness. Gratitude is satisfactory and develops calmness. Motivation is initiated with gratitude. The feeling of gratitude is an inspiration to do good things. 

How to be happy?

When a person helps someone, a person experiences happiness and calm in their mind. Greatness comes with gratitude and helping others. A person becomes great if he helps others and in return expects nothing. Here is the key to living your life happily: gratitude and helping others with nothing expecting.  

Thankfulness is also very crucial for happiness. How to be happy? The best way is to be pleased. Look at your surroundings with an open mind and be thankful for everything you have. The smartphone, the computer, the desk and all other things present in your surroundings are only for you so be thankful for them. Being thankful and pleased boosts your happiness and develops your spiritual world.  How to be happy?

Gratitude and thankfulness are the major factors that heal and relax your mind. Spiritual wellbeing can also be experienced with the help of gratitude.  

Happiness is a great gift from the creator of the universe. Human life is nothing without the feeling of happiness. Whether you do is the effort to make yourself happy. Your life is a precious gift by the creator, experiencing every movement and creates something useful that positively affects the lives of others. If you get angry even for a minute, then you lose your precious 60 seconds. 

Your time is very limited thus spend it with alertness. Your action and choices are deciding your future. What you do is return to you whether it is good or bad. Do not let anyone control your life. Take full control of your hands and do grateful things. Great power comes with great responsibility so you have to stand like a barrier in between your mind and negative thought or people. 

Happiness motivates us to do our job. Happiness is very essential in life to achieve the targets. How to be happy? The best answer is to be practical.

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I hope from this post you may learn new things if yes please share it with your friends and family. Thank you for your precious time and most importantly make it great for you and others. 

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