Change Your Life: Guide to Develop good habits in 2021.

Our brain is always make pattern in every repeated task. We can call them habits. Habits are good and bad. Develop good habits because it is very important to grow and achieving success in life. The good habits are exercising, reading and any activity that good for us. While bad habits are those one which stop the growth of a person. These bad habits are stopping us from achieving success. Everyone has some bad habits that pull them back. Achieving something is immense happiness a human has experienced.  People are doing lots of hard work to gain what they deserve, but these habits make you a loser. Achieving something is immense happiness a human has experienced. 

Usually, our brains are working to make our life easier. Our brains work in such a way that it avoid the pain and run towards pleasure. Most people try to focus on the their work, but due to the bad habits they developed they get fail. It happens with everyone who developed bad habit.  

What is a Habit? 

What is Habit?

“A habit is a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.” 

A person who follows the same pattern over and over is known as a habit. The brain generates habits to make things easy. It is our natural tendency to create repetitive routines. The most important is we are not aware of our routine; they operate subconsciously.

Habits can be expressed by some factor or by some person. If you completely forgot about your reading habit and if a person is reading a book just in front of you, this causes a reaction in your brain that you should also read book. If you stay away from your natural routine for very long, you start to forget about your routine.

Habit making is straightforward. Just follow the same pattern over time. The human brain is very brilliant; it is doing every possible activity that saves energy. If the brain starts thinking something logical, it requires energy and focus. Our brain finds it difficult to focus. Hence our brain start developing pattern and this leads to development of habit.

What is The difference between good habits and bad habits?

The main difference between good habits and bad habits are pain and pleasure. Our brain does not understand the difference between the good and the bad. Let me explain if you are experiencing pain is a good habit in most cases, while bad habits are pleasurable.Our brain tends to avoid pain and work. 

So, most individuals are addicted to bad habits. The most important thing is they do not even know that they are addicted. i.e. Daily exercising is painful, but it is a good habit. Exercising is hard at that movement, but later on, it benefits your body in numerous ways. Likewise in bad habits, playing video games for long hours is very pleasurable at that movement, but you are just wasting your valuable time. These types of bad habits affect your future and affect your growth.  

Pain and pleasure are the most important things in developing a new habit.  

How to identify the Good Habit and Bad Habit? 

The answer is straightforward pain and pleasure for that movement. Good habits are helping you to achieve your goals. Bad habits are pulling you back, slowing down or making you forget about your plans. You should always think about your habits.  

Lives in the present movement. 

Avoid pleasure and love the pain. 

Observe what are you doing?  

Make a time table and follow it.  

The identification of a good habit and a bad habit is a tricky process. It requires attention and awareness. The simple thing to identify any habit is good or bad is understanding what you are doing? Always focus on your task. Attention is another vital aspect, and it tries to give attention to your activity.  

The most important thing to identify a good habit and a bad habit is the result. Always think about the impact before performing any task. Make a new habit to think about the effect of every activity. Thinking about the result helps you identify good patterns or bad habits and helps in every aspect of life.  Now replace your bad habit with some good habits.

Remember to follow this principal before doing any task. 

1] Awareness 

2] Attention  

3] End result 

Let’s understand the above principle. 

Reading books is a good habit and being lazy is a bad habit. As now apply the above principle before doing anything. Be aware of what you are doing? Give attention to your present. Think about the result. Reading books are good for awareness and engagement. The process of reading book is like developing new skills and gathering new knowledge. It will help to create a better future. But being lazy and wasting your valuable time on social media is does not help to create a better future. If you are fully aware what you are doing? Then you start thinking about the impact of your activity.

These three good habits help you in your life to create a better tomorrow. Creating patterns is easy. Their hard thing is to avoid that bad habit. Habits are an important aspect that our mind establishes; They help in balancing our life. Habits help a person export to specific activities. They are vital components of existence. Human development takes place in such a way that he develops habits and takes things easy. Habits are the most precious gift of our mind. A good habit has the power to transform your life, bringing you good health, prosperity and happiness.

How to Develop Good Habit?

Developing excellent habits takes time and perseverance. It is difficult to replace negative habits with good ones. It necessitates a strong mindset, as well as time and effort. It is very easy to form negative habits, but it is more difficult to form positive habits. With patience, time, and self-awareness, good habits can be formed. The simplest method to form a new habit is bad habits to be replace with good one like tobacco replaced with nicotex gum.  Creating a good habit is a little bit harder in the starting days. The human brain is super lazy to expend energy. Our habits develop in such a way it becomes part of life.

Remember, positivity always comes from inside. If you break an egg a life dies, but it violates itself, a new life appears. Likewise, positive things come from inside. Your desire to change your habit is essential. The best method to develop good habits and abandon bad ones are as follows. 

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Start with Little

It’s a little more difficult to form a good habit, so start small. To succeed in anything, you must be consistent. Be consistent in your approach to forming excellent habits. Begin with something little.

If you want to read a book, start with a daily 5-minute reading. Day by day increases your time a little bit. If you’re going to write, start with one para. 

The method of going with little helps in starting, increase your time as you move forward. If you read a book daily, 5 minutes consistently for one week, in the next week increase your time with 10 minutes, in the third week increase it by 15 minutes and so on. A little task consumes time and patience but as you go forward your skills develops with a great speed.

When you divide tasks into tiny parts, your brain can not say no. Think about only one day, be clear in your mind you have to do this task only for this day. You must be aware of a consistent 21 day following. Daily performing good habits consistently for 21 days develops good habits. 

Self-awareness is the most crucial thing in developing any habit. Be aware of what pulls you back? Give attention to your time, make a routine include good habits in routine. Always think about the result. 

These three principles help in developing any habit. 


As long as you are alive, you will develop habits. Habit simplifies and speeds up life. Habits help us stay on track with our tasks. These are the most precious of all the gifts we may get. What you’re doing isn’t even your own. Creating routines is a simple procedure. Each one of these tiny habits helps make life easier and more efficient. Habits may be referred to be the most helpful thing.. 

In the human brain, good and evil are indistinguishable. You will be able to tell it when you’re in pain or happy. Most of the time, the brain isn’t involved in energy-intensive activities right away. It’s a delight to be around. Bad habits may easily overtake healthy ones because our brains need comfort and predictability.

In order to create excellent routines, it’s crucial to identify what’s beneficial for you. Are you aware of what you’re doing right now? The development of excellent routines will be aided. As a result, you are unable to engage in any improper behaviour. The good news is that being mindful is not difficult to do. Replace the negative with the positive, such as not reading books because you’re too lazy.

Developing good habits is very important in life to achieve your goals. Good habits develop slowly and with consistency. Always start with small things. Be consistent in your routine. Gradually increase its volume with time. Focus on one habit at one time. Put all your energy and desire into achieving your success. I hope this short guide helps in your life.

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