How to get rid of smartphone addiction in 2021?

In 2021 smartphones are an essential part of gathering new data. This new phase can be referred to as the informational period. Details about a spot, individuals, or something are only one click away. Everybody has a smartphone, and they’re used to it. In this informational period, expertise improvement is the highest. The new inventions are discovered in a brief period. 

Smartphones were like tiny computers before, but now they are as powerful as computers or even more. If we look back ten years or 20 years ago, technology and smartphones are in the initial development stage. People around the world are not connected as of now. It requires a lot of time to spread any news or information among people. But as of now, wholly it changed with new development in technology. 

Back in 2010, In 2009, just introduced smartphones to people. After that, many new developments have been made to enhance its efficiency, and this revolution fully modified the world. The period to gather further information is reduced dramatically. 

The internet has played a significant role in establishing this modern era—the internet-connected all humans through smartphones and desktops. The internet is more like magic that completely changed the world. 

The internet and smartphones have lots of benefits.

It establishes the connection between two people that are far away.

Talking or chatting is very easy with smartphones. 

Videos, photos, and document sharing are much easier with this new technology. 

Attending classes from home during this pandemic is possible because of smartphones and the internet.

The internet is widely used in business and by offices. 

The internet made it easy to entertain. 

It has lots of other benefits. 

In 2021 all of the businesses are going online. Creating an account on social media to promote their product online makes profits and a business’s reputation. Internet use and smartphone numbers are increasing day by day. 

Everyone has a smartphone, and they are addicted to it. Everyone has a profile on social media and spends most of the time on social media. These types of bad habits are consuming your time and make you less focused. The development in technology makes addiction of their uses to a person. Most individuals suffer from smartphone addiction, and most don’t even know that they are addicted to their phones. 

What is Smartphone Addiction?

The habit of checking your phone all the time is called smartphone addiction.

Addiction is known as repetitive entanglement of things. 

People are addicted to checking their smartphones repetitively. 

Smartphone addiction is most common in this modern era. 

Smartphone addiction is worse because it consumes your time.

A person is not aware of their surroundings, time, and situation when they are using smartphones. 

You take your smartphone everywhere you go, like gym, walking, etc. Smartphones are now getting their place in essential things like air and water. Smartphone addiction can treat the habit of checking a smartphone occasionally. It is very harmful to your creativity, and it consumes all your time. 

Nowadays, we are all connected by the internet, but as we think about it from another point of view, are we related? This smartphone disconnects you from your family and relatives. In many families, parents and children are not interacting with each other due to smartphones. 

How Do You Addict Your Smartphone? 

It is widespread in the modern era. The majority of users are addicted to their smartphones. It is due to the instant reward they get after using their phone. Like watching comedy videos, memes and images are joyful. This kind of content makes you feel joy and pleasure. 

how do you addicted to your smarthphone?

Our body works with the hormonal system. The hormones are responsible for altering your mood. The feeling of sadness, joy, sound, pain, stress are because of hormones. Dopamine is the hormone that is responsible for pleasure and good emotions. Whenever dopamine is released, your feeling is changed to joy and happiness. It is similar to drug addiction. 

Every time you use your smartphone, it causes the release of dopamine and other hormones responsible for feeling good. Your brain has a natural tendency to get more and more feelings of good and joy. The human brain always wants to avoid pain and challenging stuff like reading, going to the gym, running, and other challenging stuff. 

The smartphone and social apps are using this brain’s weakness against you. The sudden feeling of joy and happiness is known as the dopamine rush. 

It is self-evident for you to choose between pain and joy. Doing some creative task is painful and using your phone to watch funny videos or scrolling through memes is joyful. So most people choose the second option. In this modern era, most people are lazy to do any creative work, develop good habits, and challenge themself. This bad habit is creating them, digital zombies. 

In a survey, it is found out that 8-10% of smartphone users are unable to control the time they spend on their smartphones. It’s a similar kind of drug addiction. The worst part is that the numbers are increasing day by day. 

Harmful Effect of Smartphone Addiction On Health. 

Smartphone addiction has many harmful effects on your mind and body. It can make you less creative, less focused, and lazy. The Neck area of your body is badly affected by smartphones. Neck syndrome is caused by the habit of looking down while using a phone. This bad habit affects your body posture. The pattern of bending your neck while using the phone affects the cervical spine and causes neck pain. 

Smartphones are responsible for increasing depression and loneliness among users. It is found that on social media, people are comparing themself to peers and relatives. Whenever they see any achievement of their peers, it makes them stressed and depressed. It is a natural habit of our mind to compare things. 

Nowadays, people are watching content on their smartphones, like web series and movies on their smartphones. It consumes lots of time and makes them alone for long hours. This bad habit makes you less productive and makes you forget your goals. It also separates you from your family. 

The productivity and creativity of an individual are significantly reduced due to the continuous use of smartphones. The continuous pop-up of notifications from social media apps disrupts you and your work. Once you open that notification and start scrolling, an app or social media algorithm is beginning to capture your mind showing you addictive content. It happens within a short time. If you are not aware and fall into the notification trap, all your time is wasted. 

Smartphones are emitting blue light that alters your sleep. The overuse of smartphones at night disrupts your sleep, affects your mind, and has a terrible effect on your memory. 

Your overall health is affected by excessive use of smartphones. Excessive use of a phone consumes all your time. It makes you lazy, affects your neck, and it results in poor health. Smartphones are now increasing obesity among children. Playing games on the phone sitting in one place for hours increases weight gain. 

People have to be aware of all these problems to increase their health, creativity, ability to think and reduce stress. These problems are growing nowadays among children and teenagers. 

How To Get Rid Of Smartphone Addiction?

Smartphone addiction is a prevalent problem nowadays. The majority of users are addicted to their smartphones. How to get out of this smartphone addiction? It is not easy to break old habits and develop a new one- it requires attention and awareness. 

1)  The first step is to turn off all notifications of useless apps like social media, video streaming apps, and short video apps like (tik-tok). These apps are most valuable to addict them.

Short media apps consist of funny videos, funny tricks, and dance videos that cause dopamine rush. These kinds of apps make your mind lazy and dump. The content present inside these apps is highly addictive and time-consuming. The most important fact is that short video apps make you lethargic and affect your thinking ability. It is good to uninstall them. 

2) Make a schedule: Our mind likes to work in patterns. Following a plan is a crucial step to get out of smartphone addiction. The best practice is to schedule the next day before going to bed or after waking in the morning. Be strict and follow your schedule regularly. In your plan, you can mention developing a new skill or work on your passion.

3) Don’t be free:  If you are free, you start scrolling on your smartphone. So utilize your free time to develop new skills, meet new people, spend time with friends and family and enjoy your company. It is undeniable for you to start using your smartphone, so don’t be free.

4) Start Meditation: Practising meditation in the morning develops your willpower, thinking ability, and it is perfect for your body. Meditation is best to increase focus and memory. Meditation restores your creativity and refreshes your mind. It has numerous benefits. Developing willpower and rebuilding thinking ability is the primary purpose of meditation. 

5) Explore new places: It is excellent to explore new places with friends. You experience a more incredible feeling when you go out and discover new places. The exploration is delightful and fascinating. This practice is perfect for forming new memories with friends and family. While going on expiration, forget about posting photos on social media and enjoy the moment.

6) Start developing new skills: Develop a new skill like learning driving, learning computers, or following your passion. This technique helps you get out of smartphone addiction, and in the end, you have a new skill. 

7) Awareness: The habit of asking yourself what you are doing helps very much get rid of smartphone addiction. Awareness is fundamental to stop smartphone addiction. Be aware of yourself while using your phone. 

I will update this list time to time. These are the best methods to get out of smartphone addiction.. Our life is so much affected by smartphones, and it is essential to be updated. But these habits develop an addiction. The ultimate aim is to achieve success and prosperity, but today’s generation is trapped under the name of technology. The big companies use their users as profit makers, and we are just falling into their trap. This effect in long-range people is experiencing neck pain, lack of creativity, lack of thinking ability, and the most important, wasting so much time in the name of technology. 

It is time to think about our aim and how to achieve it? This development in technology is very addictive, so be aware of them and stay awake. I hope this guide may help to get rid of smartphone addiction. 

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