5 Things To Think About Before You Make A Good Habit and Inspire Yourself

Habits are meant by practising a task or activity without much effort or making a routine of repetitive tasks. Habits are a vital aspect of life. Habits are making our life easy, comfortable, and fast. Creating a pattern in something saves time and increases overall productivity. Make a good habit as it assist us dedicating our time, saving energy, and increasing work efficiency.  

Our brain has a natural tendency to make repetitive tasks into habits or routines. This natural tendency of our brain is helping us in many ways. When an individual begins to learn new things initially, he or she faces many difficulties. Still, as time passes and with practice, they make a habit at a mind level to learn new things without hesitation.

They were making a routine in repetitive tasks helping humans to evolve and develop. Not only humans but making a habit is also helping other species. The best part of the practice is that anyone can create a good or bad habit quickly. 

There are enormous benefits of making a habit. As mentioned earlier in this post, it saves time and energy. Creating good habits helps you reach your goal. Whatever your goals, habits help you achieve your targets by making things automatic, less complicated, and more consistent. 

Guide to develop a good habit.

The standard of your life is much affected by good habits. One good habit has enough potential to change your standard and to uplift. Developing a good routine helps you achieve your goals and increases the inspiration among your friends and family.  

A good habit is like precious jewels, and it has the potential to benefit you lifelong. Developing the proper habit and leaving your bad habit is most memorable in your life. This investment in developing the appropriate habit lasts for a lifetime and helps you in enormous ways. Before creating the proper routine, you should think about five thighs that help you make things easy. 

5 Things To Think About Before You Make A Good Habit 

1 Observe Your Routine 

Creating a good habit is not easy. Making a routine takes 18 days to 254 days depends upon person to person. The average number of days required to develop new habits is approx 66 to 65 days. The most important fact here is that you should consistently follow your procedure of creating new habits for these 66 days. It is pretty hard, but anyone can achieve a dream of developing good practise through hard work and consistency. 

The proper habit has the potential to change your life positively and assist you in increasing the standard of your life. It’s worth the hard work and dedication you give to make a good habit. What you give is a return you double or triple of your effort. 

The first step before developing any good habit is to observe your routine. First of all, closely and with concentration, watch your life from morning to evening for a few days. You have to note your daily routine and all activities during your day.  

The practice of observing yourself is essential to differentiate between your good habits and bad habits. You can learn about yourself by watching yourself. This exercise assists you in finding your time expenditure and also develops time management skills.  

Finding a bad habit and neglecting useless things from our routine is our goal—a step-by-step guide for observing yourself.

  • Observe yourself from you awake to before you go to sleep.
  • Continue step 1 for a few days. 
  • Make a list of your daily activity hours by hours. 
  • Find out useless stuff in your routine. 
  • Make a list of your useless things in your daily performing activities.
  • Now think about which good habit you want to develop? 

After performing this exercise for a few days, you may find a pattern in your routine, for example, doing the same task at a definite time daily, like scrolling through Instagram between a particular period. 

The exercise of observing your daily activities helps you to learn more about yourself. You can learn your time expenditure by this exercise. After finding out useless things, you can start working to replace them with a good habit. This exercise also helps you develop your time management skill. 

2) Make a list of things that stop you.

Making a good habit is quite challenging and a consistent task. One should be consistent throughout the journey of making a good habit. Not anyone can develop a good habit; only a few people dare to develop a good habit. But what is stopping you in your journey of developing a good habit? Having the information of obstacles that stop you is necessary to develop a strategy. Here is a second step to think before making a new habit. 

Taking a paper and Listing the obstacles that can stop you from developing a good habit is the second step before you make a habit. The important thing is, this exercise of finding your barrier assists you to develop a strategy to deal with all of these obstacles. Your barrier may be your smartphone, your useless friends or relatives and any other that holds you. 

Having the information about What obstacles are stopping you? It is crucial in the journey of developing good habits. The exercise of making a list of things that stop you is assisting you to understand your obstacles and presents an overview of bad habits. 

The list of your obstacles may contain your favourite things, such as using social media or chilling out with friends or anything you like. Developing a good habit, increasing the standard of living, and growing an essential thing is an abundance of all acts that waste your time and hold you to develop. Not anyone can be significant. To become extraordinary, you should do extraordinary things like an abundance of your favourite things that waste your time. 

Guide to make a list of things that stop you. 

  • Find out useless elements from your daily routine that waste your time.
  • Make a list.
  • Think about the impact of these elements in your life. 
  • Prepare yourself to sacrifice this useless stuff.

In this second step, you must have a clear cut idea about what is useless and valuable for you? In the beginning, you can find out many difficulties in your daily pattern or may face loneliness. The best way to avoid loneliness is to replace this useless stuff with valuable things. 

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3) Planning to achieve your goal

Proper planning and developing a strategy is the prime key to accomplish any goal. Bad habits are like opiates. Every time you try to leave them, these habits come with more power, and you fall into the trap of bad habits. Creating a strategy and planning things assist in overcoming your barriers. 

Planning your journey and developing the right strategy for barriers is essential before developing a new habit. As in the second step, you list all your obstacles and useless stuff. Obstacles and barriers are making it hard for your journey to develop new habits. The best procedure to deal with obstacles is planning. Planning to deal with barriers and creating a strategy to overcome these problems is the best solution before making a good habit. 

The obstacles which make your effort harder to develop new habits may be multiples. The best plan is to develop a strategy for all your obstacles and barriers. Make a good habit this exercise is very much needed to develop as a person.

4) What if You fail?

Your journey of developing a good habit is not easy. You may find it challenging and complex to advance things from your pattern. You can be unsuccessful in developing good habits or completely failing in your strategy. Creating good habits and leaving bad ones is not possible for everyone. Most people fail at the beginning or within a short time. So what can you do if you fail? 

The answer is creating a plan B. Now it entirely depends upon yourself how you look at your failure? What does it impact on you? Some people are sad and unmotivated. These people start to believe that they can not do it and give up. While the other people are learning, why do they fail? The number of the second group of people is significantly less in society. 

Always remember everyone can learn and develop a good habit. Failure is just part of your journey. Everyone has experienced failure in the journey of success.

Failure is your guidance in your journey to accomplish anything. 

The best approach is learning from your failure and starting your journey with a renewed vigour. Be practical in your failure. Develop an action plan with your failure, and again start from the beginning with new experiences and new strategies.

Guide to deal failure

  • Always remember failure is part of the journey. 
  • Learn from your failure.
  • Try to find out the reasons for your failure.
  • Develop an action plan (Plan B). 
  • Start the journey with new action plans and strategy. 

5) What should you do after achieving your goal?

Your journey of achieving your goal is not easy and requires consistency. But with consistent exercise and proper planning, anyone can develop good habits. The abundance of harmful elements in your routine is quite challenging but not impossible. Continuity is essential in developing good habits. After facing a lot of challenges, if you develop a good habit so what next? 

Today’s modern world is full of useless and time-consuming things. Smartphones and social media are most distracting. 

The maintenance of the proper thought, right habit and right friends is most vital. 

Simple ways to develop a good habit

If you achieve your goal, you are on the right path to develop your standard. These habits are creating your life better. Learning is a lifelong process. It would be best if you never stopped learning. After you develop good habits, you should never stop on them and move one step further. Follow your passion, develop your hobbies and learn new skills. 

What should you do after achieving your goal?

  • Never stop on it; go one step further.
  • Develop another more good habit.
  • Follow your passion, develop new skills and start improving your personality. 

The best approach to grow as a person is to learn and start improving yourself. Learning is essential to grow and increase the standard of your life. 

Making a good habit is a continuous battle, but anyone can accomplish their goals with practice and strategy. Hopeful and self-confident, these two things are to assist you in developing a good habit.  

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Change Your Life: Guide to Develop good habits.

Summary to think before you make a good habit. 

  • Decide on which habit you are going to develop? 
  • Build self-confidence and be clear about your goals.
  • Now Observe your routine for a few days. 
  • Remark the useless elements in your routine.
  • Make a list of useless elements. 
  • Find out your barriers.
  • Create a good strategy to deal with your obstacles. 
  • Now make a plan B if you fail in your goal.

I hope this guide of 5 Things To Think About Before You Make A Good Habit may help you. If you like this post, please share it with your friends and family. I am excited to know your opinion, and please mention it in the comment below. Thanks for reading and the most important thing is to make a good for you and others. 

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